Why the Atkins Diet works and why you don’t need it. Part 1

Firstly the Atkins diet removes almost all carbohydrates as anybody will tell you, including fruit.
This removes all starches such as potatoes, rice, pasta, bread, fruit and sugars etc.
Potatoes, rice, pasta and such like are known as complex carbs, while Sugars are simple carbs.
Complex carbs break down to Glucose and Simple carbs break down to mostly Fructose.

Fructose is not good for any part of your body. It overworks the liver and produces lipids in the blood which elevate cholesterol levels and make you fat around your middle.
Glucose is essential to maintain the quick energy that work and exercise need.
Complex carbs are essential for energy and also for providing vitamins and minerals for good health.

The Atkins diet works because it removes the simple carbs and will still work if you eat complex carbs, in moderation. So don’t throw the baby out… The secret is to remove all sugars from the diet as much as possible.

A calorie is a calorie though isn’t it?

No! A calorie is not always a calorie where food is concerned. I will explain…

Q. How many calories are there in a handful of peanuts?

A. It depends how much you chew them.

If you swallow your peanuts whole they don’t have any calories because they come out the way you put them in… whole. Therefore surely, if we are to count calories eaten, then we have to count the calories excreted, and life is really too short. However we have to bear this in mind if we want to assess where the excess weight comes from. Because all foods metabolise differently and at different rates GI index is a guide but remember it does depend on how you eat your food when it comes to almost anything except sugars.
Sugar is always fully absorbed into the system almost immediately, so a sugar calorie is definitely a calorie, including fruit. The only good part of the fruit is the skin. I believe that the fructose is only there to get you to eat the skin. The skin contains massive amounts of antioxidants such as Resveratrol. Resveratrol also increases Sirtuin which is the reason that a calorie restricted diet has anti aging effects. Most “calorie restrictors” don’t touch sugar and usually only eat fruit skin. Fruit juices are pure sugar (fructose) and should be avoided. You can get almost your entire vitamin intake from vegetables such as potatoes and rice and of course the most valuable green veg. Meats, fish and fats are vitally important too, especially lighter meats and olive oils. So another reason not to eat sugar… Look younger too.

Come back next week for part two.


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